About Our Wholesale Maple Syrup Company

Buck's Maple Barn was started by Charles (Chase) Buck in 2007, when he was just a freshman in 
college. Maple syrup production has been a tradition in the Buck family for over sixty years, with 
Chase's grandfather as his greatest influence. Since our start in 2007, we have gone from making 
500 gallons of maple syrup product and selling locally, to producing over 2,200 gallons and 
selling all over NYS.

All of our sugar bushes are located in Schoharie County, which is known as one of the hot spots for 
NYS maple production. A majority of our sap is collected through sap line; however, some of our 
biggest and best maples are located in hard to reach locations so we also hang approximately 3,000
buckets. The last two years we attended many workshops and decided to try extracting sap via 
vacuum. We have not looked back since! Vacuum allows us to yield larger quantities of sap with 
absolutely no damage to our maples.

After our sap is collected, it is immediately brought to our sap house for processing to ensure a quality maple product.  This is how we produce our wholesale maple syrup and granulated maple sugar. We rely heavily on using a Reverse Osmosis (RO) machine, which works similar to a water purifier- separating water from higher concentrate sap, allowing us to cut down on our boiling time. Once our sap becomes concentrate it is boiled using our 5x14 wood-fired evaporator. Boiling sap via a wood burning evaporator is not so sought after nowadays, as it is time consuming and involves laborious work. At Buck's Maple Barn we like to keep tradition alive and we are proud to say we are the largest wood-fired maple producer in Schoharie County and in the surrounding NYS Counties. 

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1. To make one gallon of maple syrup it takes about 40 gallons of sap. 

2. One full cord of wood makes about 25 gallons of syrup. 

3. The evaporator used 5 feet wide by 14 feet long and boils about 250 gallons of sap per hour.

4. Syrup boils at 12 degrees over water, 219 degrees.

5. Our evaporator burns approximately 40 full cord of wood, this same amount could be used to heat 4 large houses for the winter.